We cook delicious gluten free and healthy food

Vego LasagneI created Conscious Kitchen to make your meals interesting and meaningful again. Why shouldn’t you be able to eat gourmet food at home, or at work that is delicious, filling and healthy? Too much time is wasted on trying to figure out what is healthy or not. The Conscious Kitchen’s yummy experiences are only a few clicks or a phone-call away.

Fettuccini ColouramaAt Conscious Kitchen we believe that food we all consume has an important impact to our health. Furthermore the energy that comes from the person preparing, cooking and serving your food is also an important part of the ingredients.

All soups are $5, main meals are $11,  and desserts are upon request.
No minimum order.

You can order online, by phone or e-mail, and pay with VISA, MasterCard or PayPal.

Austrian trained chef, passionate about bringing you
healthy gluten free and convenient food!